I want SVG to seamlessly blend with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Submitted by Uli Troyo

There's a lot you can do with inline SVG and HTML, including styling with CSS and adding interactivity with JavaScript… but there's a lot you can't do, from automatic caching of inline SVG the way you can with an img tag, to embedding HTML directly within the SVG markup, to adding box-shadow directly on SVG shapes. There's also the redundancy of CSS shapes vs. SVG, comparatively poor support for SVG transitions… I also would like a way to directly target individual points of an SVG with JavaScript in order to more easily animate; right now, there's no distinct representation of points. Text selection also doesn't work the same within HTML and SVG.

Sometimes SVG feels perfectly integrated, but sometimes it also feels bolted on. I want SVG and CSS to be the default design framework for the web, from layout to UI to animation.

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