About us

The Web We Want is a collective effort by browser makers to understand where the dev community would like us to invest our energy. If you end up throwing a ton of code at a problem, perhaps there’s a better way. Help us discover the cowpaths worth paving.

Why does Web We Want exist?

The Web We Want was created as a low-friction way for designers and developers to surface ideas they have for improving the web. We ask them to highlight problem areas and identify ways they’ve tried to work around/solve them (if any). We don’t ask for a solution, though sometimes folks suggest a direction they think could work, and we welcome that.

We believe a repository of this kind of information can be helpful to browser makers and standards bodies to be aware of what developers need, in hopes it will influence the prioritization of finding solutions within those organizations.

Why not have this be a part of the W3C or another standards body?

Two reasons. First, most developers do not have the time, knowledge, or money to effectively participate in most standards bodies. Second, some suggestions have to do with browser tooling and UI, which are not within the scope of any standards organization.


Interested in getting involved? Reach out!


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