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Washington DC, USA
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The following wants were pitched

  1. I want to be able to apply styles to parts of a web page without them leaking out

    Submitted by Martin Janecke

  2. I want a memory-efficient way to get video frame pixel data from MediaStream

    Submitted by David Sanders

  3. I want a standard API for event throttling and debouncing

    Submitted by Šime Vidas

  4. I want SVG to seamlessly blend with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    Submitted by Uli Troyo

  5. I want accessibility tools front & center

    Submitted by Charles Hall

  6. I want media query support in video source elements

    Submitted by Alastair Coote

  7. I want browsers to throw accessibility errors

    Submitted by Anonymous

  8. I want the ability to send real tab signals during automated testing

    Submitted by Paul Grenier

  9. I want tools that assess the readability of web typography

    Submitted by Stephanie Stimac

And the winners were…

Many thanks to

Our hosts
Aaron Gustafson and Stephanie Drescher
Our judging panel
Rachel Andrew, Sarah Drasner, and Jen Simmons
Our prize sponsor
Microsoft Edge
Winner icons by Freepik.