I want a simple way to “tag” web‑pages

Submitted by Panu Viljamaa

Looking at any page I should be able to right-click and choose from a set of tags (words) to associate with any page. On the web I should be able to add new tag to that set. And I should be able to associate multiple tags with any page.

Later I should be able to see a list of the pages I’ve tagged, in time-order or by focusing on a specific set of tags at a time. I should also be able to give points to my tagged points and see them ordered based on their points as well. This would be an improvement over current bookmarking functionality of the browsers which makes it hard to find bookmarks from a large set or makes it time-consuming to decide which folder to put a bookmark in and what are the bookmark folders and sub-folders. Choosing a tag is simpler, and it would be made easier to add than current ways of creating bookmarks.

Browser should show my bookmarks in a few different webpages which sort them based on user-selectable criteria as described above, instead of showing them in specific browser-widgets as currently.

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