Voting for the web you want

We are using votes as a way of seeing how much community interest there is in various wants from this site. The browser vendors and standards bodies involved with this effort will take vote tallies into account when it comes considering which gaps or improvements we should consider and how we should prioritize them.

Our voting system is a little different than most sites because we respect your privacy. We don’t want to require you to have an account on this site because (frankly) we have no interest in your personal information. We also want you to own your vote, so we opted to use webmentions as our voting system.

Votes are tallied from webmention “bookmarks” and “likes” of each want’s page. These could be hand-crafted webmentions sent from your own site or shares and likes on social media services combed by We’re hopeful that this approach captures community sentiment well, but reserve the right to change or alter the voting process in the future.